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Frequently Asked Questions: Plant Care

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How do I know if my plants are photosynthesizing?

You can tell if aquarium plants are photosynthesizing by observing the plants. When small bubbles form on the leaves of plants it is a sign that photosynthesis is occurring. This is commonly referred to as pearling.

When is the best time to offer lighting and CO2?

No less than five to eight hours’ illumination time each day, and you’d better start offering CO2 half an hour later than beginning to offer lighting, which ensures the photosynthesis. Extend the illumination time in the first few days when new plants be added, which helps adapt them to the new surroundings.

How often should the tank be cleaned?

The front glass side should be cleaned once a week to prevent the accumulation of the dirt or some kind of algae or lichen. The cleaning work seems to be especially important when rainy season or hot season, which helps to get a good view into the tank. The dead leaves and fish cause of normal metabolic or decay and death should be removed in time to make sure a sound ecosystem.

How often should the filter be cleaned?

The filtration system can be cleaned every 3 or 4 months. Be sure the power is off before cleaning. Then pick up the all the filtration cotton, and clean the cotton best by water in the tank, do not need extremely clean, just make sure the holes in the cotton not be jammed will be ok! Do not use washing powder or something will kill the friendly bacteria. Once they were killed, it won’t be easy to culture them.

When is the best time to offer oxygen? And what should be noticed?

There is no need to offer oxygen for 24 hours per day. And the oxygen is less at night compared with the daytime. So the best time to offer oxygen is at night, especially at wee hours, which will be helpful to the health of the fish and plants. For there will be a little noise when the air pump works, so provided the aquarium be installed in the bedroom, you¡¯d better close the air pump.

Is there any need to add some water?

There is evaporation of water every day, so add some water periodically. The height of above black acrylic batten is the mark of the highest water level. The water level should not exceed the lower-edge of black batten.

Would you please note us the best temperature sphere?

The temperature of the water should be around 25℃ to 30℃.