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Frequently Asked Questions: The Fish Clock (AquaClock)

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What is the Fish Clock?

The patented Fish Clock by Aquavista is the world's first and only timepiece that is a stylish and healthy home for Betta Fish.

Is the Fish Clock a clock or an aquarium?

It is both! The Fish Clock hangs on a wall and is a fun and revolutionary way to keep time and to keep your fish healthy. Best of all, it requires only minutes of maintenance per month. Just hang, add water and fish! (Fish not included, but that's part of the fun)

What are the dimensions of the Fish Clock?

The Fish Clock measures: 11.7” x 5.6”. The internal swimming depth for the Betta Fish is 4

How much water does the Fish Clock hold?

The Fish Clock holds approximately 1.2 gallons (5 liters) of water.

What is a Betta Fish?

Betta Fish have the scientific name of Betta splendens, and are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. The Betta originated in Thailand and has been selectively bred for a long period of time in that country as well as in Southeast Asia.

Does a Betta Fish need a filter?

There are different schools of thought as to whether a Betta Fish requires a filter and heater. Many people keep their Betta in a large fish bowl or tank without any type of filtration. Unlike other commonly kept aquarium fish, the Betta does not need a filter to breathe. Nature has equipped the Betta with a labyrinth organ that allows them to get oxygen from the air above the surface of the water. If you do decide to use a filter in your Betta tank, make sure that the current from the filter is not too strong. Bettas detest the moving water that filtration creates, and a strong current can negatively affect their health.

How do I care for the Fish Clock?

You should clean your Fish Clock on a weekly basis. Seasoned Betta owners will do a partial water change, removing around 20 to 30 percent of the water. It is not advisable to change all of the water at once, as the shock can kill your Betta.

Can I keep more than one Betta in the Fish Clock?

Betta Fish can be extremely territorial and aggressive, especially with their own species. There is a reason why they can be called “Siamese Fighting Fish.” Only one Betta Fish should be kept in the Fish Clock.

Will the Betta fish get stuck in the clock movement?

Our patented design makes the clock safe for the fish, so it will not be disturbed by the clock movement. Don’t worry, there is 0% chance of the fish being touched by the movement.

How do I hang the Fish Clock?

The Fish Clock comes with a drywall anchor for your hanging convenience. You can also use a wood screw that is secured into the stud in a wall. Just hang, add water, and add fish!

What are the colors the Fish Clock is available?

The Fish Clock are currently available in Black, Red, and Silver?

How is the Fish Clock different from the original AquaClock?

We made many subtle improvements, but the most apparent upgrade is the new Fish Clock is larger and holds more water.