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Frequently Asked Questions: Aquavista 500 Wall Aquarium

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What is the Aquavista 500?

The Aquavista 500 is an award-winning, self-contained wall-mounted aquarium for tropical fish that hangs like a framed picture.  Ideal for most tropical fish and saltwater compatible, the self-contained AquaVista 500 is space-saving and hangs anywhere you can hang a picture.  Its sophisticated, patented design and self-contained aquarium technology makes it virtually hassle free (less than 15 minutes of maintenance per month). 

The Aquavista 500 measures approximately 25 inches (height) x 25 inches (width) x 4.3 inches (thickness) and holds approximately 25 liters or 6.6 U.S. gallons of freshwater for tropical fish.

How do I hang the Aquavista 500?  Do I need to cut a hole in my wall?

The Aquavista 500 is designed to be surface-mounted to the wall, flush like a painting.  There is no need to cut a large hole in your wall.  The aquarium can be placed anywhere you can hang a painting and even comes with a proprietary steel mounting bracket that makes hanging a breeze.  It’s so easy that most people hang it themselves.  Just secure the bracket to the studs in the wall, hang the aquarium, add water and fish.

How much does the Aquavista 500 weigh?

The Aquavista 500 weighs approximately 25 lbs empty and weighs approximately 80 lbs when filled with water.  It sounds a lot heavier than it is.  The Aquavista 500 comes with a custom aluminum mounting bracket that holds the aquarium safe and secure on your wall. 

What makes the Aquavista 500 special?

The Aquavista 500 is designed for people who enjoy watching tropical fish without the hassles of owning and maintaining an aquarium.  The aquarium requires less then 15 minutes of maintenance per month and is easy to set up.  It requires no assembly and comes complete with everything you need for an advanced and healthy aquarium set up, including advanced filtration, heater, air pump, lighting, and a programable LCD control for easy care and control.  The Aquavista 500 is the world’s first aquarium that comes with an LCD touchscreen control panel.  The Aquavista 500 hangs like a painting, so it frees up valuable floor and counter space.  The Aquavista is an instant conversation piece and can be easily personalized to match any décor or style.  The AV500 is made from  high quality ABS plastic and acrylic, making it virtually shatterproof.

Set up is easy.  Just hang, add water and fish.

What comes with the Aquavista 500?

Each Aquavista 500 comes pre-assembled with:

  • Advanced filtration system, heater, overhead lighting system and air pump.
  • The easy-to-use embedded LCD control display panel allows you to control and monitor filtration, temperature, oxygen, and lighting.
  • Black or Silver contemporary frame of your choice.
  • Choice of one of our beautiful 3D submersible backgrounds.
  • Fish Care Accessories: Water siphon, fish net, algae scraper, aquarium gravel, filtration biomedia, extendable claw, and acrylic glass cleaner.
  • Custom Steel Mounting Bracket

All you need is water and fish!

What is the purpose of the LCD control panel?

Aquavista Wall Aquariums are the most advanced wall aquariums in the world and are the first aquariums to have control panels built in.  The embedded LCD control panel is the central nervous system of the Aquavista 500 and makes controlling the Aquavista 500 simple.  It displays the aquarium temperature and allows you to easily program the aquarium light cycle, filtration, heater settings, and air pump.

What makes the Aquavista 500 filter special and so easy?

The Aquavista 500 comes with the most advanced aquatic technology in any wall aquarium.  The Aquavista 500 is pre-assembled with biological wet-dry and mechanical filtration.  We put in everything you need, so you don’t have to.  Just add water and fish!

What if I have a larger wall?  What should I do?

The Aquavista 500 is designed to be modular.  We have customers who will hang them side by side touching or even spaced apart to create a living mural on the wall.  Since the backgrounds are interchangeable, you can order different backgrounds to create a panoramic mural or even use our custom backgrounds to create two backgrounds from one panoramic photo.  We even have customers who set them up vertically (one above the other) to create a wall of fish.

How is the Aquavista 500 powered?  How do I hide the power cord on Aquavista 500?

The Aquavista 500 is completely pre-assembled and powered by one 5 ft grounded plug that is located underneath on the right side of the aquarium when you are facing it.  You many not see the cord in some of our photos.  Here are the most common ways to hide the cord or disguise the cord:

(1) Use panduit (wire cover) to hide the cord in a neat fashion on the wall. This is a sheath that covers the wire and can be purchased at a local hardware store for approximately $5. Wire cover can be easily painted to match wall paper and paint jobs; or

(2) Hide the cord in the wall and hardwire into electrical source in city or below the aquarium. Using this method, there is no cord visibility. Most customers will hire an electrician to do this (usually costs less than $60).

How many fish can I keep in the Aquavista 500?

The number of fish you can keep will depend on the type and size of fish that you choose.  The general rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon of water.  We recommend that you speak with your local pet store regarding the types of tropical fish that best suit your new aquarium. Be careful not to overcrowd your pet fish.  Remember, let the aquarium water cycle for 48 hours before adding fish.  Always start with only 1-2 fish when you are setting up your new aquarium to build the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium and prevent an ammonia spike.

What kind of fish should I keep in the Aquavista 500?

While the aquarium can keep most any freshwater fish, we typically recommend fish that will not grow too large.  Below are some recommended fish for Aquavista 500:

Community fish: Platys, Tetras, Mollies, Guppies, Neons 

Semi-aggressive fish: Danios, Silver Dollars, Tiger / Green / Gold Barbs 

Goldfish: Any fancy goldfish (Oranda, fancy tail gold fish, etc.) or regular goldfish (feeder fish etc.)

After 6 weeks, you can add algae eating fish (Plecostomus, Chinese algae eater) (add after 4 week with other fish)

*The different types of fish should not be mixed.  Please consult your local pet store for fish compatibility.

Can I put salt water fish in the Aquavista 500?

The Aquavista 500 is salt-water compatible but only recommended for experienced aquarists due to the sensitive nature of salt water fish.  We have built-in biological and mechanical filtration plus a heater, so Clown fish, damsels, and gobies would be the main recommended fish for the Aquavista 500.  Live corals and other invertebrates typically have specific light requirements and are not recommended.  If you switch to salt water, do not use crushed sand or any biomedia that can clog the impellar water pump. 

Can I put live plants in the Aquavista 500?

We encourage you to decorate your Aquavista 500.  However, we discourage placing any live plants in the Aquavista 500 because most plants require special care and need stronger lighting and can sometimes end up clogging the filtration.  If you want to keep a planted aquarium, please consider our Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium that comes with a carbon dioxide generator and the proper lighting for most live plants. 

How easy is the maintenance for the Aquavista 500?

The Aquavista 500 is easy to maintain, so that you can spend more time enjoying the aquarium than maintaining it.  For most people, maintenance is less than 15 minutes per month!   

Basic maintenance (aside from feeding your fish) involves:

(1) Replace the filter sponge in the filter tray once every 4-6 weeks.  Additional filters are available in our store. 

(2) The water in the aquarium will evaporate, so you should add about 1-2 cups of water per week to maintain the water level.

(3) Once every 3 months, stir up the bottom with the extendable claw to loosen any waste in the gravel and change approximately 1 gallon of water using the included water siphon. 

(4) Replace 50% of the bio-balls every 6 months.

(5) Use the algae scraper to wipe down the screen and backdrop as necessary 

What is the Aquavista aquarium made of?

The Aquavista 500 is designed and made with shatter-resistant ABS plastic and acrylic materials and top quality electronics. Our frames are made from wood (Classic) or high quality ABS plastic (Modern).

What kind of backgrounds does the Aquavista 500 come with? 

Currently, you can select from multiple vivid 3D submersible backgrounds to be included with your Aquavista.  Our patented backgrounds are easy to change, so you can easily change your background whenever your mood or décor changes.  You can now also create a personalized background for your Aquavista aquarium.  Click here to learn more

Can I change my background? Can I create my own personalized background?

Aquavista’s proprietary 3D backgrounds are changeable and printed on special waterproof paper that is submerged into the water.  Our patented design allows you to easily change your backgrounds, so you can change the background according to your mood or design. 

We have a special feature that now allows you to turn your favorite photographs, logos, or images into vibrant customized backgrounds for your Aquavista wall-mounted and desktop aquariums, adding a personal touch to your home or office!  Strengthen your brand by inserting a logo or company photo into your living art aquarium.  It’s easy.  Click here for more detail or to get started.

*Please note that Aquavista’s backgrounds are patented and printed on a special material that makes them water submersible.  You will not be able to use any background you find at the local store because they are not waterproof.

What other frames are available for the Aquavista 500?

We currently offer over 25 different interchangeable picture frames for the Aquavista 500.  Each unit will come with a contemporary frame that is black or silver.  You can purchase or change your frame at any time.  Frames are easily changed in less than 30 seconds.  See more frames

Q: How is the Aquavista Panoramic and Aquavista 500 different from other wall aquariums I have seen?

A: See the Comparison Chart below to properly compare what Aquavista offers and what other wall aquariums offer.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your living art.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience, so if you are not happy with your Aquavista, you can return it.  For more information on our return policy, click here.


What is the Aquavista 500’s warranty?

The Aquavista comes with a one year limited warranty on the aquarium body and six months on the electrical parts against any factory defects from the date of purchase that excludes filter sponges and light bulbs.  We stand by our product, so even if it is after your warranty period, you should always contact us if you ever need any support.  There is usually a simple solution, and we will always do our best to help. 

What kind of customer support do you provide?

We are open from M - F 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST, so please contact us at 888-627-8284 or email us at if you have any questions.  We also have Live Chat directly on the website during business hours, so please chat with us.  If you need assistance after office hours, please leave a message and we will return your call or reply to your email within 48 hours of receipt.  We are here to make owning your Aquavista as pleasant as possible.

How do I get free filters?

 We love to receive feedback and photos see how you enjoy our Aquavista aquariums.  Every testimonial we receive is real.  To see  some of our testimonials, please click here

As a small thank you, if you send us a photo of your aquarium and a testimonial with your mailing address, and we will send you a free pack of filters to help keep your Aquavista beautiful.  To submit a Testimonial or Photo, please click here.  You can also post your photos and testimonials to our Facebook page at

We are very protective of our customers’ confidentiality and will never share your information.