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Frequently Asked Questions: Aquavista Panoramic Series

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What is the Panoramic Series by Aquavista?

The Panoramic Series by Aquavista are our line of new wide-screen, wall-mounted aquariums that hang like a plasma television.  Due to the popularity of our Aquavista 500 and demand from our customers for a larger aquarium that is simple to maintain, we developed a larger wall aquarium that is perfect for people who love fish but want to spend minimal time taking care of them.  The Panoramic Aquarium hangs on a wall like a plasma television and is so easy, you don’t even have to feed your fish. 

What are the dimensions of the Panoramic Series?

The Panoramic Series is available in two primary sizes:  the 1480P and the 1780P.  The 1480P is 5 ft wide and holds 20 gallons of water.  The 1780P is 6 ft wide and holds 25 gallons of water.  Custom sizes are available up to 10 ft wide.

The exact dimensions of the Panoramic Series are as follows:

Model Number

Volume (Approx)

Dimensions (inches)
(L x W x H)

Viewing Area (inches)
(L x H)

Approximate Weight with water & decoration

Panoramic 1480 (5 Ft)

21 Gallons

58” x 5.9” x 24”

41” x 17”

300 lbs

Panoramic 1780 (6 Ft)

25 Gallons

70” x 5.9” x 24”

53" x 17”

350 lbs

Panoramic 2080 (7 Ft)

29 Gallons

82" x 5.9" x 24"

65" x 17"

400 lbs

Panoramic 2380 (8 Ft)

33 Gallons

94" x 5.9" x 24"

77" x 17"

450 lbs (extra mounting bracket included)

Panoramic 2680 (9 Ft)

37 Gallons

106" x 5.9" x 24"

89" x 17"

500 lbs (extra mounting bracket included)

Panoramic 2980 (10 Ft)

41 Gallons

118" x 5.9" x 24"

101" x 17"

550 lbs (2 extra mounting bracket included)

How much does the Panoramic Series weigh?

The Panoramic Series weighs approximately 300 - 350 lbs when filled with water and decorations.  This sounds quite heavy, but we include two specially designed custom steel mounting brackets that make hanging the aquarium SAFE and EASY.  Hanging is simple, as you will secure the brackets to the studs in the wall.  The hanging of the Aquavista Panoramic is similar to hanging a flat screen television.  All you need is a drill and the proper mounting screws.  Most people will hang it themselves, but if you would like someone to assist you, please contact us. 

Why is the Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium so easy to set up and maintain?

Aquavista makes the preeminent and most highly acclaimed wall aquariums in the world for our quality design and technology.  We have thought of everything, so you only need to think about what kind of fish and decorations you want.  We are not the only wall aquarium company in the world, but we are regarded as the best.

The Aquavista Panoramic is pre-assembled with advanced aquarium technology including:

  • Programmable Touchscreen LCD Control Panel
  • Air Pump and Air Stone;
  • Dual Water Pump Filtration,
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) supplier (for live plants),
  • Heater,
  • Automatic Feeder; 
  • Steel Mounting Brackets (2)
  • Aquariu m Accessories such as fish net, algae scraper, water siphon, extendable claw

Just hang, add water, and fish! 

What does pre-assembled and self-contained mean?

We do not try to sell you an aquarium and let you worry about the components.  Like the Aquavista 500, each Panoramic wall aquarium is completely pre-assembled with everything you need to create a healthy tropical water fish tank.  We even put in an automatic feeder to make feeding optional and a CO2 generator for live plant care.  Best of all, the Panoramic is self-contained, so the aquarium technology included is not visible to the common eye.  You can enjoy the fish in a beautiful setting instead of worrying about a bunch of wires coming from the aquarium.

What does the LCD Touch Screen Computer Panel do?

Each Panoramic model has a programmable LCD touch screen computer panel that makes setting up and caring for the aquarium   extremely    easy.  The touch screen computer panel displays a calendar and time of day and even displays room and water temperature.  The LCD panel is embedded on the side of each aquarium and allows you to easily program different settings for the automatic feeder, filtration, air pump, illumination, and CO2 generator.  The panel also can be locked to prevent tampering.

What kind of fish are recommended for the Panoramic Wall Aquarium?

The Panoramic Wall Aquarium is recommended for any freshwater tropical fish such as the following breeds: Cichlids from South America or Africa such as Parrot Fish, Oscars, etc., Barbs such as Tiger, Green, Gold, etc., Bottom Feeders or low swimmer such as Bala Sharks, Catfish, etc. Schooling fish such as tetras or community fish such as platys, guppies, and mollies can also thrive in the Panoramic but sometimes will swim into the filters due to their smaller size. The Panoramic Aquarium can be set up as a salt water aquarium for fish such as clowns and damsels, but it is only recommended for experienced aquatic hobbyists. Setting up the aquarium as a salt water aquarium may void the manufacturer's warranty.

Why don’t I have to feed my fish daily? 

The Aquavista Panoramic has a programmable Automatic Feeder built in that will feed your fish daily, so you no longer have to feed your fish for weeks at a time.  Unlike other companies that offer an auto feeder, our auto feeder is not visible and is built specially for our aquarium.  Just add food to the auto feeder and program the time of day you would like to feed your fish.  NO AQUARIUM COMPANY IN THE WORLD OFFERS A CO2 GENERATOR.

What is the maintenance required for the Panoramic Wall Aquarium?

Maintenance and aquarium care is simple.  We designed the aquarium for the person who wants to enjoy the aquarium, not spend all their time maintaining one.  You will periodically add water to the aquarium to replenish the evaporated water.  Scheduled maintenance should be every 8 -12 weeks, use the water siphon to do a simple gravel vacuum.   Please note that the more fish you have in the aquarium, the more you want to perform the regular maintenance.  Change 20% of the aquarium water and rinse the water pump and replace the aquarium filter sponges.  For more detail, please click here.

What does a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generator do?

The CO2 generator generates much needed carbon dioxide for live plants that allows makes caring for live plants easy.  The CO2 along with proper lighting (standard in the Panoramic) encourages photosynthesis in plants and lead to a healthy planted aquarium.  NO AQUARIUM COMPANY IN THE WORLD OFFERS A CO2 GENERATOR. 

Can I set up the Panoramic as a Salt Water Aquarium?

While the filtration and system is salt water compatible, we discourage a salt water set up for the Panoramic Aquarium.  While we have many successful stories of people who have set up the Panoramic Aquarium as salt water aquariums, setting up a salt water system will void your warranty. 

The primary reason we discourage salt water set ups are: (1) corrosive nature of salt water that can damage walls and aquarium’s aluminum construction, (2) potential rusting of aluminum panels that could lead to compromising the structural integrity of the aquarium body, (3) high maintenance of the salt water set up.  Our aquariums with freshwater fish is simple and should take less than 15 minutes per month.  Maintenance for a salt water aquarium can be over an hour per week, and salt water fish are more sensitive to PH levels and water salinity.  The slightest change or imbalance can create complications.  Setting up a Panoramic Salt Water Aquarium may void the manufacturer's warranty, though parts can be purchased individually should any need to be replaced.  If you have any further questions or concerns about a salt water set up, please contact us.

Do I have to keep live plants in my aquarium?

Live plants are not required in the Panoramic Aquarium.  We wanted to anticipate everything, so we included a CO2 generator is a standard feature in the Panoramic Aquarium.  Many of our customers choose to set up a fish only aquarium in their Panoramic Aquarium.  However, when you are ready or choose to add live plants, just program the CO2 cycle. 

What accessories are included with the Aquavista Panoramic?

Each self-contained Panoramic wall aquarium comes all essential fish care accessories, including:  Water Siphon, Fish Net, Algae Scraper, Starter Bacteria; and extendable pincer claw.  The aquarium also comes with two heavy duty steel hanging brackets for safe hanging. 

How are the Panoramic Series and Aquavista 500 different from each other?

Both wall aquariums require less than 15 minutes of maintenance per month.  The Aquavista Panoramic is made from glass, acrylic and aluminum, while the Aquavista 500 is made from acrylic and ABS plastic.  The Aquavista 500 is smaller in size and is a living picture frame that is customizable with submersible backgrounds and 25 different picture frames.  The Panoramic has a standard black background and comes with a brushed black or silver aluminum trim. 

How is the Aquavista Panoramic and Aquavista 500 different from other wall aquariums I have seen?

See the Comparison Chart  to properly compare what Aquavista offers and what other wall aquariums offer.

What is the warranty on the Aquavista Panoramic Series?

The Aquavista comes with a one year limited warranty on the aquarium body and six months on the electrical parts against any factory defects from the date of purchase that excludes filter sponges and light bulbs.  We stand by our product, so even if it is after your warranty period, you should always contact us if you ever need any support.  There is usually a simple solution, and we will always do our best to help.  Just look at our TESTIMONIALS and you can see what kind of company we are.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your living art.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience, so if you are not happy with your Aquavista, you can return it.  For more information on our return policy, click here.

What kind of customer support do you provide?

We are open from M - F 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST, so please contact us at 888-627-8284 or email us at if you have any questions.  We also have Live Chat directly on the website during business hours, so please chat with us.  If you need assistance after office hours, please leave a message and we will return your call or reply to your email within 48 hours of receipt.  We are here to make owning your Aquavista as pleasant as possible.

How do I receive free fish food?

We love to receive feedback and photos see how you enjoy our Aquavista aquariums.  Every testimonial we receive is real.  To see some of our testimonials, please click here

As a small thank you, if you send us a photo of your aquarium and a testimonial with your mailing address, and we will send you either free fish food.  To submit a Testimonial or Photo, please click here.  You can also post your photos and testimonials to our Facebook page at 

We are very protective of our customers’ confidentiality and will never share your information.