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Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquariums

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Price: $1,695.00

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Price: $1,695.00

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquariums hang like plasma tvs. The self-contained Panoramic requires only minutes of maintenance, requires only one plug, and is pre-assembled with:

  • Embedded touchscreen control panel for easy care,
  • Automatic feeder, 
  • Dual filtration, 
  • 300W Heater, 
  • Air pump, 
  • Lighting, 
  • Carbon dioxide generator that helps live plants thrive

  • Available in black or silver trim.

    Panoramic 1480P = 5 Ft Wide, 21 Gallon
    Panoramic 1780P = 6 Ft Wide, 25 Gallon 

    Larger custom sizes are also available.

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    • Low Maintenance – Less then 15 minutes per month and perfect for the busy household or office. We have designed an aquarium that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around: Everyone is busy, so more time should be spent enjoying your fish, not taking care of them.

    • Automated Fish Care – Each Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium comes with an embedded programmable LCD Control Panel that allows you to program and monitor the filtration, water temperature, lighting, fish feeding cycle, and plant care. Set it and forget it!

    • Easy Set Up – as easy to hang as a plasma television, Aquavista requires no assembly and no need for major construction such as cutting a large hole into your wall. The aquarium is flush mounted and our custom mounting brackets makes set up safe and easy! Just hang, add water, and fish.

    • Self-Contained Advanced Aquarium System – the Aquavista Panoramic is pre-assembled with dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting, CO2 generator, and automatic feeder that is controlled by an easy to use programmable touch-screen control that simplifies all functions.

    • No Daily Care or Feeding Your Fish RegularlyCaring for your fish has never been easier. The Panoramic comes with a programmable auto feeder.  Just choose what time of day you want to feed your fish and refill the feeder periodically and enjoy!

    • Create an Underwater Garden - each Panoramic unit comes with a Carbon Dioxide Generator that allows live plants to photosynthesize and prosper. Aquascaping is a new and growing hobby, and it has never been simpler.

    • Space-Saving Design - Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquariums’ sleek wall-mounted design is only 6 inches thick, so you can brighten up any wall and create a clutter-free environment. Goes where you can hang a television or painting.

    • Different Sizes & Colors Available - The Aquavista Panoramic is available in 5 ft and 6 ft wide and for custom sizes up to 10 ft wide. The Panoramic aquarium is ideal for budget conscious people that want to bring their walls to life. Comes in two (2) colors ~ Black or Silver.

    Panoramic Bubble Image

    Panoramic Specs

    * It sounds heavy, but don’t worry, each wall aquarium comes with detailed hanging and set up instructions. The Aquavista Panoramic comes with 2 steel reinforced mounting brackets that make hanging the wall aquarium safe and easy. Our hanging methodology and steel brackets have been tested and will safely secure the wall aquarium to your wall. Set up is simple. JUST HANG, ADD WATER AND FISH!

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