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Wall Aquarium Benefits

Health Benefits of Aquarium Fish
Do you have a stressful life, high blood pressure, insomnia? Keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you. Studies have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

Fish Make a Difference
Researchers have compared the effects of hypnosis vs. an aquarium, fishless vs. fish filled aquariums, and no aquarium vs. having an aquarium. In all cases, having some sort of aquarium reduced blood pressure. Interestingly enough, greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when there were fish in the tank, vs pleasingly decorated, but fishless, tanks.

Multitude of Benefits
Seniors who were provided with an aquarium filled with fish had significant blood pressure reduction. Watching fish has been shown to calm children who have hyperactivity disorder. Dental patients who were subjected to hypnosis vs. an aquarium experienced the same or greater benefit from the aquarium. Other studies have shown that dental patients required less pain medication after having watched fish in the office. It's little wonder that physician offices, dental clinics, and even waiting rooms for counselors have traditionally kept an aquarium in the waiting room.

Aquarium Effect on Alzheimer’s
A study by Purdue University showed that seniors who have Alzheimer’s experience a variety of health benefits from watching an aquarium. Alzheimer patients ate more, and required fewer supplements after an aquarium was placed in the dining room. They also exhibited less physically aggressive behaviors.

Why an Aquavista Wall Aquarium?
Virtually any aquarium, from large to small, will have a benefit, but the average aquarium can take up valuable floor and counter space. If space is limited, an Aquavista wall mounted aquarium saves valuable space because it hangs anywhere a painting or picture can hang.  The Aquavista Wall Aquarium is a cost-effective and simple way to enjoy fish without the hassles.